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Reach new heights with writing services

Freelance writing and blogging from an experienced voice whose works have appeared in national and regional print publications across the US, as well as online.

For Companies

Reach potential clients with white papers, SEO, social media, marketing copy, and blog posts. Motivate employees with newsletter articles.

For Print or Online Publications

Increase readership and ad sales with well-researched pieces. Specialties include science, health and wellness, education, and food.

For Bloggers

Expand your blog with guest posts on a variety of topics, with SEO keywords and social media promotion.

For Individuals

Improve your writing with experienced editing services for academic and creative papers.

Why hire a writer?

Whether you’re a company looking to take the stress out of your communications, a publication looking for an esteemed voice with advanced Ivy League degrees, a blogger looking to increase readership, or an individual looking to improve writing with one-on-one tutorials and/or editing services, I can help.

I have experience in SEO writing, as well as copy editing. I have written about (among other things): frugal living, cooking and baking (including food preparation for restrictive diets, such as vegan or gluten-free), fitness, education, and psychology. I also have experience writing marketing copy and webinar scripts for companies.